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Twin Tube IR Lamp With Gold Reflector

Heat element Twin-Tube infrared emitters with Gold Reflector  is also called Golden 8 infrared emitters, they are manufactured from high-quality two single quartz tubes fused together and have a shinning gold reflector for maximum efficiency which provides the infrared emitters with numerous advantages such as higher radiation power and very good mechanical stability, better focus and so on. Normally non- reflector IR lamp radiates 50% of radiation forwards and 48% backwards, in other words, only 48% of the radiation is heated to the objects, the rest 50% is wasted, data shows 96% of available radiation is directly heated at the object by virtual of gold reflector, Heat Element can offer gold reflector covers at any area/degree of the quartz tube surface, like half of (180°) the tube surface or 270°etc.

The infrared heaters are available as short-wave, medium-wave and fast response medium-wave infrared emitters. This allows you to choose the optimal wavelength for the material to be heated. Dimensions and filaments of all the infrared emitters are manufactured to match your requirements.

The  best  gold reflector
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Quart tube reflector

Reflectors types

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IST580x48mm , IST549x40mm , GEW342x39mm , GEW150x52mm , GEW Cristal Cuarzo 48mmVTI / UV Ray 48mm , Eltosch 300x62mm , Eltosch 273x70mm , Hönle / Grafix 211 × 60Hönle / Grafix 211 × 31GEW 400x31mm , GEW Nuva , Gallus R200 flat 248x20mm , VTI flat 220x20mm , VTI flat 228x28mm

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