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UV-Mirror on Metal


The reduction of temperature load together with the simultaneous optimisation of the degree of efficiency is a critical criteria in superior UV-dryers. Dielectric UV-mirrors on metal have a very high reflection in the UV, the visible and infrared radiation is being absorbed. With metal as carrier material it is possible to build different geometries without high shaping costs.

IST, GEW, Vti, etc ... son los fabricantes de equipos. Ofrecemos los reflectores en calidad al menos equivalente al original. Los reflectores UV están en stock y, por lo tanto, están disponibles de inmediato.

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Reflectors Aluminium Dichroic

Reflectores de Cuarzo &  Aluminio

IST580x48mm , IST549x40mm , GEW342x39mm , GEW150x52mm , GEW Cristal Cuarzo 48mm
VTI / UV Ray 48mm , Eltosch 300x62mm , Eltosch 273x70mm , Hönle / Grafix 211 × 60Hönle / Grafix 211 × 31
GEW 400x31mm , GEW Nuva , Gallus R200 flat 248x20mm , VTI flat 220x20mm , VTI flat 228x28mm